We provide proper procedures, equipment, and software, along with experienced, on-staff material logistics managers for a successful VMI program. Our vendor-managed inventory system allows your team to obtain the exact tooling and supplies when and where they are needed.
With our in-house developed, custom VMI integration we are able to deliver real time information for the managers and associates that need to know. Our dispensing equipment communicates seamlessly with our ERP system, making sure that your required tooling and industrial supplies are readily available. Our dedicated delivery drivers report back to our ERP system after they have replenished the dispensing equipment and through our custom integration, we are notified if there are any issues and reconcile the replenishment before the driver leaves the location. This allows for any errors or replenishment corrections to be made resulting in a highly accurate VMI service.
If you use jobs or departments, this information is easily tracked with our integration to the vending machine. Custom reporting by job, department, or employee are all possibilities with our custom VMI solutions.
  • Reduce general MRO spending on average by 20% or more
  • Automate ordering, receiving, stocking, and maintaining inventory
  • 24-7 availability with accountability for employee transactions
  • Reduce stock-outs and obsolete inventory
  • Improve job costing, inventory forecasting, and demand planning
  • Reduce manufacturing costs by increasing manufacturing efficiency
  • Computer-generated reports keep you fully informed
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